Bendigo Myotherapy
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Services Provided

In addition to providing specialist muscular treatments in the clinic, Bendigo Myotherapy and its practitioners also offer….

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Pregnancy Cushion
As Myotherapists we are well qualified to treat through all stages of pregnancy. Be assured of extra comfort no matter the size of your bump when you lay on your stomach using the clinic's pregnancy cushion.

Product Sales
Gift Vouchers
Sports tape
High quality Contour Pillows
Tiger balm
Hotteeze patches
Herbal patches
Wheat bags
Cold packs
Exercise balls
Dura discs
Zheng gu shui

Pregnancy Cushion

Professional Presentations and Seminars
Therapists can conduct presentations on various topics ranging from 5 minute informal talks to lengthy formal presentations in a wide range of environments, including AGM’s, meetings, fundraising events, training sessions, open days and health and safety weeks.
Topics are tailored to the attending audience, however some topics that have been presented are :

  • Injury management
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Warm up techniques
  • Cool down techniques
  • Sleeping position analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Specific stretching
  • Question & answer nights
  • Sports / occupation related injuries and self management tips
  • Sport specific exercise programs
  • Occupational strengthening programs

Club Sponsorships
Bendigo Myotherapy proudly sponsors local sporting clubs and events. Please contact us via phone or email if you would like more information on sponsorship packages.

Home Visits
Home visits are available after an initial consultation at the clinic. Feel free to talk to any of our staff about the details.

Workplace training and assessment
Marni Pollock is a qualified Workplace Assessor and Trainer with over 12 years experience working in various industries, particularly in the mining, transport and food production industries.

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